Cotabato traffic woes now being addressed PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 20 July 2016 11:55

Officials in Cotabato City on Monday seized dozens of illegal customized motorcycle mufflers and imposed strict arterial parking rules to fix traffic woes blamed on recalcitrant, mostly gun-slinger residents.

Local policemen failed miserably to squarely address the problems in the past for lack of will to deal with offenders identified with big feudal Moro clans and also to avoid the ire of even ordinary violators who can subject vulnerable members of their family to retaliations.

The campaign against “open pipe” bike mufflers magnifying engine sound disturbing to students in schools and people in churches and mosques is led by the newly-elected Vice Mayor Cynthia Guiani-Sayadi.

Sayadi is presently evaluating the viability of old and now seemingly moribund ordinances lawmen found so difficult to enforce.

Sayadi, a practicing lawyer, and senior officials of the city police on Monday destroyed the confiscated mufflers using sledgehammers.

She said the city government will now impose all local ordinances equally on all people here, regardless of ethnicity, religions and clan identities.

Sayadi on Tuesday morning told Cotabato City’s leading broadcast outfit, the Catholic station dxMS, her involvement in the crackdown is part of an effort to review the efficiency of all existing peace and security ordinances promulgated by the city council.

Sayadi said the city police will now act decisively on the traffic problems local residents have become so helplessly callous about.

Sayadi earlier said she will update all existing ordinances, supposedly meant to protect the welfare of the city’s Muslim, Christian and Lumad residents, but failed to take off due to non-cooperation by constituents.

“If we are in Davao City or in other places, we behave and respect ordinances so why can’t we respect our laws here in Cotabato City? This is a concern we are focusing our attention on now,” Sayadi earlier said.

During her interview with dxMS on Tuesday, Sayadi clarified she is not trying to impose an iron-fisted policy in helping his older brother, Cotabato City Mayor Japal Guiani, Jr., maintain law and order in the locality.

She said the city council is just relying on diplomacy, on extensive educational campaigns and on the enforcement of ordinances by example for city residents to realize that domestic laws are beneficial to all.

Sayadi had earlier led teams from the local police in putting an end to the annoying nighttime clandestine motorcycle racing here by enthusiasts, some of them invited for questioning on the validity of the registration documents of their heavily customized, noisy bikes.

Sayadi said they have also called on suppliers of motorcycle parts and accessories to stop vending illegal customized mufflers, warning of possible revocation of their business permits if they do not cooperate.