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Thursday, 21 July 2016 14:42


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

Why kill? Why do it the way to a beast, a savage? He just wanted to earn for the family. He already intended to reform. Certainly no one can deprive us to live except God!

These words usually uttered by grieving relatives of fallen victims in a police buy-bust operation. Tears falling down, outpouring emotions from the anguished hearts and the wailings that elicit bitter sadness to everyone standing in witness to the horrible event.

That makes a scenario of a fierce fight between emotions of the heart and the laws of the land. Sometimes logic a place in the human heart.

What if you’re the mother of an innocent baby girl killed by your drug crazed husband? Or you’re the mother of a drug addict who raped and killed your very own aging mother?    Or you’re the mother of a young student who left school, became mentally ill because of drugs? Or you’re the mother of five children who became a widow when your husband was robbed and killed by a group of addicts?

Some of the questions that can parry the blows of emotion and may be possible to anyone anytime today.

You’re a policeman tasked to eradicate the problem of drug addiction in your AOR. During a buy-bust operation, you raided the hide out of a notorious drug pusher. When you broke in, you were met by volleys of fire. Naturally no time for second thought. The law must prevail.

An error is inevitable, perhaps. How the pusher was killed is questionable and unfair., they argued. There was a digression from the rule of engagement.

Nevertheless, to become a pusher is to violate the law. What is unlawful cannot be lawful. What is illegal cannot be legal unless you circumvent the law or simply make a mockery of the law. When you violate the law, it means that you’re willing to face the consequences. And sometimes, consequences may be unlawful and unfair. So you cry “foul!” for doing something foul,

Hence, if you survive during police operation in the enforcement of the law, you’re lucky. Be happy and reform yourself. But if you die, no need to cry and question why. After all, you looked for it. And you’re ready to face the consequences.

If we want to be protected by the law, respect and obey the laws as law-abiding citizens of this country according to a veteran journalist.