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Friday, 22 July 2016 13:53


Police on Thursday interrogated a couple from Basilan who arrived in Zamboanga City and hid in a house in Barangay Victoria instead of going straight to a hospital to undergo treatment of shrapnel wounds in their body.

Report said  that Jamil Ajatul y Boyong, 33, who claimed to a be a security escort of Sumisip Mayor Gulam Hatam, and his wife Maysa Ajatul y Harisul , 37, quietly arrived in this city from Sumisip, Basilan and sought refuge in a relative’s house in Victoria, Manicahan District before proceeding to the Zamboanga City Medical Center to have their wounds treated. They did not report what happened to them.

The couple’s case was first found out by Victoria Barangay Chairman Joselito Ziga  who appeared at the Sangali Police Station bringing clothings with blood stains and used bandages he found scattered outside a house owned by Hasir Akihin in the barangay before noon last Wednesday.

Ziga turned over to the police station a pair of camougreen shorts, white t-shirt, used bandage and used plaster with blood stains.

Acting on Ziga’s report, policemen led by Sr. Insp. Chester Natividad under Chief Insp. Gary Bahoy swooped down on the place and met Jayman Harisul y Alanding, 30 and his wife Rahma Harisul y Akih, 26, both of Sumisip, Basilan and temporarily residing with their relatives in Victoria.

During interrogation about the clothes with blood stains and bandages found in their house, the couple admitted that their companions Ajatul and his wife Maysa were wounded and were admitted at the Zamboanga City Medical Center.

Immediately, policemen proceeded to the hospital and found Ajatul and his wife confined at Ward 6 due to shrapnel wounds.

The couple claimed they were wounded in a landmine explosion last July 17 in Sumisip.

But Ziga told the police that the wounded couple arrived in their barangay more than two days ago based on the blood stains in the clothing.

Police were trying to find an answer why the victims proceeded to Victoria instead of going straight to the hospital. It was also learned that the couple did not undergo medication in Basilan despite the shrapnel wounds in their body. – Dan Toribio