Beng to police: Be aggressive in maintaining peace, order PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 25 July 2016 13:45

Mayor Beng Climaco has called on police authorities to be aggressive in maintaining peace and order and not to give lawless elements the chance to commit criminal activities in the city.

The mayor issued this call in her recent address before the City Council even as she emphasized that securing and keeping the city safe should be a collaborative effort of all sectors.

With security as her priority thrust through the SHE program (Security, Health and Education), Climaco vowed to ensure that police precincts from Labuan to Vitali are well equipped and are able to increase police visibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“We will further complement this with all our 98 barangays with an incident command system where its personnel are trained to do intelligence gathering, monitoring, and communication and can respond efficiently to emergencies and disaster,” the mayor declared.

She said her administration will continue to support the security sector in its pursuit to a safe and secure city, as this is also in support to President Duterte’s thrust to fight against illegal drugs, kidnapping and all forms of criminality.

The priority programs in security include the reactivation of the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council that will help implement government strategic policies on drug prevention and control, accelerate the drive against illegal drugs and promote participation of local institutions in the drive against drug trafficking and abuse.

The PNP’s Oplan Tokhang will be supplemented by the City’s Oplan Cambio Vida, a mechanism intended to adopt measures on rehabilitation and transformation of drug users.

Other programs include the soon to be operational new Zamboanga City Central Police office with a police force that is fully equipped with modern patrol vehicles and visibility in the entire city, the transfer of the Fire Department with firefighters equipped with modern firefighting equipment and mobility support; the transfer and construction of the City Reformatory Center in a safer and more secure area; seek technical assistance support on the conduct of transport and traffic management systems that will lead to identification of transport terminal hubs and decongestion of the central business district with opening and widening of strategic roads. — Sheila Covarrubias