Drug users urged to be active, to do something beneficial to others PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 July 2016 15:18


The therapeutic program director of SonShine drug rehabilitation center, Dr. Ernesto Florendo, has called on drug users and surenderers to be active and do something beneficial to others.

Florendo made the call as more than 20,000 drug users and pushers have already surrendered to the police in the region.

He explained that in SonShine, their program has four aspects. The general program objective is that the patient will submit to authority, follow rules, and consider others.Second is the work program where the patients will be taught skills so they can earn and develop work habit. Third is the family encounter program as usually there are many problems in the family to include conflicts, mistrust, fear and anger which will be addressed and the family must recover authority. The fourth is the tailored program for individual patients.

“El government debe busca programa para man handle conesos. (referring to the surenderers),” Dr. Florendo said in an interview.

The Task Force Cambio Vida will have to come up with a program with community base approach.

“Hende nececita entra na rehabilitation center pero necesita man-train personnel,” Dr. Florendo added.

The barangays, volunteers, interested persons, can be trained so they can come up with activity, sessions, and counseling.

SonShine is being run by a private organization in partnership with the city government that gives P1.7 million a year as subsidy is being used for the patients meals and salary of the employees.

Patients who are undergoing rehabilitation each pay the center P9,000 per month for six months. Currently, there are 22 patients being rehabilitated short of three for maximum capacity of 25.

On its monitoring, 50 percent of the patients after treatment become productive and drug free,  25 percent goes back to drugs but better than before and the other 25 percent go back to drugs the same or worse than before. (R.G. A A. Go)