Mom, daughter nabbed in drug bust PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 July 2016 15:21

An alleged big-time lady pusher and her college student daughter were arrested during a buy-bust operation along Gov. Lim Avenue last Tuesday afternoon.

Nabbed were Malay Asakil y Faizal alias Auntie Mal, 45, and her daughter Roselle, 17, a student of Universidad de Zamboanga, both residents of Bunkhouse, Tulungatung.

The two were arrested by men of the Culianan Police Station led by newly promoted Chief Insp. Elmer Solon, around 4:30 p.m.

Confiscated from Malay’s possession were a small sachet of shabu (buy-bust item), medium size sachet of shabu and two large size sachets of shabu and marked money.

A police report disclosed that one of those who surrendered to the Culianan Police Station spilled out the identity of Malay assupplying shabu to some pushers.

Immediately Solon and his men conducted surveillance and found out that Malay was still supplying shabu to some pushers operating in some barangays.

Solon and his men set up a buy-bust operation along with a poseur buyer however Malay did not agree to a drug transaction in the east coast and instead told the police poseur buyer to see her along Gov. Lim Avenue.

After Malay handed the shabu to the police poseur buyer in exchange of the marked money, Solon and his men cornered her.

Police have readied charges against Malay and her daughter. – Dan Toribio