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Friday, 29 July 2016 14:23


“Finally the story now can be told, what you see today is six years in the making.”

Thus said ZCWD Chairperson Edwin M. Caliolio during his inspirational message Thursday on the inauguration of the newly constructed Pamucutan Water Treatment Plant, the 50 million liter a day (MLD) Bulk Water Project of Zamboanga City Water District.

He added, “ZCWD with our partners made bold decisions coming up with this monumental project that will undoubtedly be benefited by the future generations.”

District 1 Congressman Celso Lobregat joined officials and the Board of Directors of Zamboanga City Water District (ZCWD) in the formal inauguration, said he was elated and so eager to see the result of the very long process which started with negotiations in year 2011 and the Memorandum of Agreement was signed only in year 2013,  the time when Lobregat was still the mayor of Zamboanga, and PrimeWater became a locator of ZamboEcozone and Freeport in the same year.

Tracing the MOA signing of the said project way back March 31, 2014, it is a joint project of Prime Water Infrastructure Corporation, Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone Authority and Freeport (Zambo ECOZONE) and of Zamboanga City Water District (ZCWD) with  the objective to ensure the sustainability of the supply of water to the people of Zamboanga in the West Coast area.

The treatment plant is the biggest 50MLD Water Treatment Supply Project and the first ever treatment plant using the Direct Active Pulsation Smart Clarifier Technology with Hydraulic System Valves in the entire country.

“Let me state it clearly, that this didn’t happen overnight. I am saying this because in the last election I was accused that my administration for nine years as a mayor, I did nothing about the water problem in the city, nuay daw yo cosa ya hace, Poreso aura, taqui el resulta,” Lobregat said.

Lobregat said that he has shown to the public a classic example that when the agencies in government combined efforts in making things possible for the city, it can happen.

“Together with ZamboEcozone, ZCWD and the local government under my watch acted and anticipated the future of the city’s decreasing water supply, we acted on it and not reactionary but together we were already looking for solutions how to resolve our water shortage problem,” Lobregat said.

The veteran solon said the event yesterday has just proven that by working together we can achieve not only for our generation, but for future generations to come.

PrimeWater has invested over P742 million for this huge water treatment facility while ZCWD invested over P530 million for the ongoing pipe-laying project which has a total of some P 1.2 billion worth of combined investment.

Lobregat recalled that being a member of the ZamboEcozone Board of Directors, he was very active in negotiating for better rates for ecozone and made sure that for every liter of water being sold by the company, ecozone gets 2% of its costs.

This is for the reason that ZamboEcozone does not own any money from the contract entered into by the aforementioned company. Under the law, in the 5% tax imposed by ecozone, 2% goes to the national government, 2% goes to the local gov’t and 1% goes to barangay, nothing goes to ecozone except the lease rentals and other regular charges for its locators.

“I said ecozone must earn something. I insisted that ecozone be paid something for the use of the water being drawn from within the ecozone area. I was really very active in this project because I saw the benefit of this project to the city,” Lobregat said.

He said that the beauty of this major infrastructure project is that after 40 years, all of these facilities constructed will revert to the ZCWD.  It is a free investment for the said agency.

“This is the biggest and first fresh water treatment plant in the country, everybody in Zamboanga will benefit from this project especially the upcoming generations,” Lobregat said.

Lobregat thanked the officials of PrimeWater like Mr. Michael Regino, Atty Gemma Espiras – Head of PrimeWater Legal Department, Engr. Fe Rebancos- President of PrimeWater Infra.Corp.- the Board of Directors of ZCWD led by Mr. Edwin Caliolio, the Management of ZamboEcozone led by Chairman Christopher Arnuco, the barangay officials of Pamucutan and all other personalities who put in their efforts in making this vital facility into a reality. – Dexter Yap

ZCWD General Manager Leonardo Rey D. Vasquez emphasized that 50MLD Bulk Water Supply is indeed one of the projects of the district that aims to improve and expand the service delivery capabilities of the district.

Engr. Fe T. Rebancos, President of PrimeWater Infrastructure Corp., stressed out that Pamucutan Water Treatment Plant is the first and biggest of its kind here in the Philippines. The said project’s technology consumes less power because it has no moving parts and it can treat very well high turbid water. “The project will treat and supply fifty thousand cubic meters (50, 000cm) bulk water a day to Zamboanga City Water District and fifteen thousand cubic meters (15, 000cm) of bulk water Zamboanga   Ecozone”, said Engr. Rebancos.PrimeWater also constructed a four kilometers (4km) steel welded pipes from Pamucutan Intake to its injection point.

Part of PrimeWater corporate social responsibility, they will help the district in planting more trees at ZCWD Watershed and hoping for another fifty years (50) in partnership with the district.

Caliolio thanked Lobregat, for his resolution before the House of Representative, urging the national government to include the construction of ZCWD impounding dam as part of the present administration priorities.

The inauguration was attended by ZCWD Board of Directors, Assistant General Managers, Department Managers, former ZCWD Chairperson Nelida F. Atilano and ZCWD staff and family, former District 2 Representative Lilia M. Nuño, and Zamboanga ECOZONE Chairman Christopher Lawrence Arnuco with his staff and Atty. Gemma Aspiras and Mr. Mike Regino of PrimeWater and Barangay Pamucutan officials. — Darwisa B. SalipAkarab and Dexter Yap