Sulu town reponds to Duterte’s anti-drug war (340 suspects yield) PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 30 July 2016 13:44

The Municipality of Luuk has responded to President Rodrigo Duterte’s  call for crackdown on illegal drugs, the first to do in Sulu province, Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), flushing out a total of 340 drug suspects who turned themselves to local authorities.

The Luuk anti-drug campaign is in line with “OplanTokhang (knock and plead) Kampanya KontraDroga” as its first manifest adherence as a local government unit in the ARMM province of Sulu to the president’s stern call for drug lords, pushers and users to voluntarily submit themselves to authorities or face the harshest of all consequences including possible death if they violently resist arrest during a legitimate police action to apprehend them.

At least 15 drug pushers and 325 ushers acceded to the presidential program carried out nationwide by Philippine National Police chief, Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa.

Sulu has been reported as often allegedly used by drug traffickers as their transhipment point of drugs to and from Sabah, Malaysia.

Luuk Mayor Allayon M. Arbison Jr. with Luuk police force head, Sr. Inspector Al-Radzmer A. Hadjail and Sulu Provincial Prosecutor Annie Marie Pierre Angeli P. Ledesma led the signing of commitment ceremony at 2:00 p. m., Tuesday, July 26, at the multi-purpose gymnasium in Tubig Putih, the town’s premier barangay,where the narcotics-hooked residents and pushers swore to renounce the use, possession, sale or distribution of prohibited drugs.

“The day has dawned on our residents who are addicted to drugs and pushers, to realize that doing drugs has not and cannot do them any good. With the help of their local government leadership, we hope to see them change from being social wastes to useful assets of society, for their own future and the progress of our municipality,” Mayor Arbison said on the relevance of OplanTokhang in Luuk.

“We are grateful to President Duterte and PNP chief, Director General Dela Rosa for the relentless nationwide campaign against illegal drugs which has long agonized especially our poor families who are most vulnerable to the temptation of drug use and pushing,” the mayor added.

The 340 residents, meanwhile, shall be strictly monitored by Luuk local authorities, the police and the prosecutor’s office for their compliance with the signed covenant and stop from further using and peddling drugs.