DOH 9 to parents: Have your children immunized PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 02 August 2016 15:00


Health regional director Aristides Tan has calledon parents to have their children immunized during the school-based immunization  program month which started Monday.

“I hope our parents will bring their children for immunization considering that the whole month of August will be dedicated for the school-based immunization program month,” Tan said in an interview.

During the school-based immunization, Grade 1 will receive tetanus diphtheria vaccine and measles containing vaccine while for Grade 7, students will be given tetanus diphtheria  vaccines and measles and rubella vaccines.

The regional director stressed that the immunization is being done to create herd immunity where a certain percentage of target population will be immunized so that when the virus will come in, they will be protected.

However, Tan revealed that there are still sectors that are not cooperative due to cultural beliefs.

The objective of the program is to protect the target population from the consequences of Tetanus and diphtheria, measles, and rubella.

Tetanus is caused by toxin released by bacteria where the infection causes painful tightening of the muscle which can be very serious and oftentimes deadly. Diphtheria is caused by bacteria that can make a thick covering in the back of the nose and throat, which can lead to breathing problems and the bacteria produces harmful toxin that can cause paralysis and heart failure.

Measles is a serious respiratory disease that causes rashes, fever, and it is very contagious. For some children, measles can lead to Pneumonia, lifelong brain damage, deafness and death.

Rubella, sometimes called “German measles” is a disease caused by a virus. The infection is usually mild with fever and rashes, but if a pregnant woman gets infected, the virus can cause serious birth defects.

For Region 9, the DOH is targeting some 84,376 Grade 1 students while some 71,800 for Grade 7. For Zamboanga City, they are targeting 16,905 Grade 1 students while 16,869 for Grade 7.

The office also reminded parents that some children will experience fever and pain after the injection. The parents must give the child appropriate dose of paracetamol in case of fever. (R.G. A A. Go)