P1.2 water treatment project beneficial to all — Lobregat PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 02 August 2016 15:03


Congressman Celso Lobregat lauded the initiatives of Zamboanga City Water District in going into a joint venture with Prime Water Infrastructure Corporation to come up with a water treatment plant with combined investment of P1.2 billion.

The project which took five yearsto finish,  the biggest 50MLD (Million Liters per day) Water Treatment Supply Project and the first ever treatment plant using the Direct Active Pulsation Smart Clarifier Technology with Hydraulic System Valves in the entire country.

This treatment plant is the biggest so far outside Metro Manila which truly benefits all local and national agencies, local residents, the barangay, the city government, ZCWD, Zambo Ecozone, and even the company itself for its guaranteed Return of Investments (ROI).

PrimeWater has invested over P742 million for this huge water treatment facility while ZCWD put in over P530 million for the ongoing pipe-laying project which has a total of P 1.2 billion worth of combined investment that offers greater opportunities to the local communities surrounding the said facility like the employment generation to the barangays and if the 5% on gross revenue is used for tax purposes, as a locator of ZamboEcozone,2% goes to national government, 2% goes to city government and  (1%) goes to the barangay itself.

Lobregat said that aside from that, local residents will no longer experience the stressful water shortage presently being experienced. At the same time, ZCWD will also have adequate supply of water and further expansion of their coverage area outside the city proper.

ZamboEcozone meantime will not only be paid for lease and rentals but will also receive additional revenues from the water supplied by Prime Water to ZCWD.

Lobregat recalled that being a member of the ZamboEcozone Board of Directors, he was very active in negotiating for better rates for ecozone and make sure that for every liter of water being sold by the company, ecozone gets 2% of its costs, and an additional revenue would be the lease rental for the 5-hectare lot which will be the tree planting area of Prime Water to include the city’s watershed.

The solon said that the beauty of this major infrastructure project is that after 40 years, all of these facilities constructed will revert to the ZCWD.  It is a free investment for the said agency.

“This is the biggest and first fresh water treatment plant in the country, everybody in Zamboanga will benefit from this project especially the upcoming generations,” Lobregat said.

Once the ongoing P530 million pipe-laying project of ZCWD from Pamucutan to the city proper is finished as targeted by the end of this year, this will immediately solve the water shortage in the city presently and in the near future.

Lobregat said that he was elated and so eager to see the result of the very long process which started with negotiations in year 2011 and the Memorandum of Agreement came afer in year 2013, the time when Lobregat was still the mayor and PrimeWater became a locator of ZamboEcozone and Freeport.

In the end, Lobregat said “To God Be the Glory....because all of these would not have happened if it is not of Zamboanga City’s God-given natural resources like the water flowing in our rivers”. – Dexter Yap