PRC Zambo gears for Walk for Humanity PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 08 August 2016 11:57


The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) Zamboanga City Chapter gears for the yearly Walk for Humanity to promote International Humanitarian Law (IHL) on August 14 at Paseo del Mar.

Joseline Fernandez, OIC PRC Administrator, said that they are expecting some 10,000 participants coming from the different sectors during the activity.

Participants will walk from the Vitaliano Agan Avenue (Nunez Extension) to Paseo del Mar where a simple program will follow after.

The theme for this year’s Walk for Humanity is “IHL: Mga Aral ng Nakaraan, Hamon sa Kasalukuyan.”

During the walk, adults will donateP20 while students will give P5. The proceeds will be used to promote IHL in this city.

“Ta man invite kita con todo sectors man support con el walk for humanity. Quierre kita todo puede anda participa,” Fernandez said.

The office will also go to military camps and schools to provide lectures on IHL.

IHL is a set of rules which place restrictions on the use of weapons and methods of warfare. It protects people who are not or no longer participating in hostilities and it has the aim of protecting human dignity and to limit suffering during times of war. The law requires parties to a conflict to distinguish combatants and civilians and to refrain from attacking civilians, care for the wounded and sick, ensure that the dignity of prisoners of war and civilian internees is preserved by allowing visits by International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) delegates.

The law is protecting civilians, medical and religious military personnel, wounded, sick combatants and prisoner of war it is important because it is one of the most powerful tools the international community has at its disposal to ensure the safety and dignity of people in times of war with the guiding principles that even in war there are limits.

The IHL is applied in two situations during international conflicts which involved two countries and armed conflicts that take place in one country such as government and rebel forces and the IHL applies to all conflict parties regardless of who started it. — R.G. A A. Go