Cop, kagawad wounded in Baliwasan gun duel PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 12 August 2016 15:59


A policeman and a kagawad were wounded after they engaged in gun duel in Baliwasan Seaside Wednesday night.

Wounded were SPO4 Abdurahman Estino and Baliwasan Kagawad Benhur Arabani.

Estino was wounded in the right arm with the bullet exiting to the back of the body, while Arabani was shot in the leg.

Police said the incident took place at Baliwasan Seaside around 11 p.m.

Investigators gathered that before the gun duel, Estino and Arabani were having a conversation regarding their rice business. A heated argument erupted that led to the shooting.

Police quoted Estino as saying that Arabani was armed with a handgun which he used in shooting the policeman. But the kagawad said  he was unarmed and it was Estino’s gun which he was able to grab and shoot him.

Arabani said that he was slapped by Estino before he was shot.

Police recovered 16 spent shells, 1 live bullet and 2 deformed slugs all apparently coming from a 9mm caliber pistol.

Estino’s  Glock 17 Gen. 9mm pistol with Serial no. PNP18473 with one magazine loaded with 11 rounds of ammunition was turned over to the investigators who were .

Investigators were still gathering statements for the filing of appropriate charges in court. – Dan Toribio Jr.