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Sunday, 14 August 2016 15:00


The Social Security System or SSS in Zamboanga City will open a service branch at the ZAMBOECOZONEthis coming September. This was revealed by no less than the Chairperson and Administrator of the Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone Authority, Christopher Lawrence S. Arnuco.

In a memorandum penned by Chairperson Arnuco and SSS Vice President, Atty. Rodrigo B. Filoteo, last June, which SSS President and CEO Emilio S. De QuirosJr. and Assistant Vice President for Branch Evaluation and Branch Management Services Department Gloria Y. Cuisia signedas witnesses, SSS will occupy a 40 square meter office area at the ground floor of the ZAMBOECOZONEAdministration Building in San Ramon, this city.

The SSS service branch will provide all its usual services and would primarily cater to its clients in the city’s West Coast, particularly to the over 35,000 labores of the 12 major Tuna and Sardines manufacturing and Canning companies located in the area, as well as to the thousands of workers in the zone. These services include the issuance of various SSS forms; receiving and processing of application for memberships, benefits and loans; receiving of contributions and loan collection lists; issuance of SSS number for employees and the self-employed; and provide status verification of membership, contribution, salary loans, benefits and claims.

The SSS West Coast branch is envisioned to provide and encourage the advancement itsmandate to deliver a viable tax-exempt social security system suitable to the needs of the people and promote social justice and meaningful protection to members and their families.

Likewise, and as part of its corporate responsibility, ZAMBOECOZONE fully advocates the efforts of SSS and believes that its West Coast branch will greatly benefit the people in the locale and encourage the conveyance of the services and protection which SSS can and should provide to all its clients, particularly against the hazards of disability, sickness, maternity, old age, death and other contingencies resulting in the loss of income or financial burden.

One of the hindrances and inconveniences identified by SSS clients and would-be-clients in the West Coast of the city, is the time consuming and costly necessitated travel to the SSS Main Office in the city proper to avail of its services. The aforementioned West Coast branch will virtually bring SSS directly to their doorsteps and facilitate the delivery of its services to them.

The SSS branch office in the zone is the latest of several important branches and/or extension offices that the ZAMBOECOZONE   is working to bring into its West Corporate Center, to offer essential and elementary services required by commercial and manufacturing companies projected to locate in the zone.

Considering the significant economic growth in the West Coast of the city, the influx of huge manufacturing companies setting up shop therein, and the rapid development of the commercial establishments and the increase of the population in major Barangays in the area, ZAMBOECOZONEintends to bring the all-inclusive one-stop-shop complex into the zone – that will address the needs of its locators and the residence of nearby Barangays, and feature financial institutions; vital government regulatory agencies; security, safety and rescue service units; utility and service providers; man-power agencies; and other social service institutions.

This development and the establishment of the San RamonNewport, as well as the Asian Halal Center in the zone, will serve as the elemental catalyst to propel the city’s West Coast, and the ZAMBOECOZONEin particular, as the most viable investment hub in the South Western part of the country.