Lobregat bares P50M projects for District 1 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 15 August 2016 13:51


True to his words of public service and commitment to the people, Congressman Celso Lobregat revealed the various priority infrastructure projects which are identified in his district to be implemented soon.

In time for the La Niña season, among the priorities are flood control projects, bridges and local roads and multi-purpose buildings which are very essential to communities that badly need the projects.

The beneficiary barangays for these projects are Upper Calarian, Malagutay, Canelar, Kampung Islam, La Paz Pole Jutay, La Paz Pole Grande, Pasonanca, Pamucutan, Cawit, Baluno, Cabatangan, and Rio Hondo.

In his proposed 2017 Local Infrastructure Program, Lobregat said he has consulted with the barangay officials as to what projects they would want to be done ahead and are necessary in their communities, then it was recommended to him for fund appropriations and realization.

“There are a lot of requests for infrastructure in the respective localities of my district, but I have to prioritize according to the necessities and demand of the people,” Lobregat said.

These proposed infra projects for implementation are as follows; Construction/ Improvement of drainage facilities in Southcom Village-Upper Calarian worth (5 Million), Construction of drainage system in Barangay Malagutay (2 Million), Construction of drainage system in Canelar (2 Million), Construction of drainage system in Kampung Islam (2 Million), Concreting of La Pa Pole Jutay and La Paz Pole Grande road (8 Million), Construction/Rehabilitation of road at Shanty Town- Pasonanca (10 Million), Concreting of road at Barangay Pamucutan (4 Million), Concreting of road along junction of Luyahan-Barangay Pasonanca to junction of By-Pass road (5 Million), Concreting of Cawit-Baluno road (4 Million), Construction of bridge (spillway) at barangay Cabatangan (2 Million) including the construction of a Multi-Purpose Building at barangay Rio Hondo (6 Million).

Congressman Lobregat said that these projects are already identified and the concerned implementing agencies will do the necessary paperworks for the proper bidding process and upon award to the winning bidder, it will be materialized in time for the year 2017 period.

The solon said that there are still other major projects under his Local Infrastructure Fund which are also up for identification and appropriations of necessary funds intended for the people of his district it’s just a matter of time when the necessary process will be ironed out, it will also come into reality.

“These proposed projects of the Local Insfrastructure Program under my district is just the beginning of my continued public service to the Zamboangeños for another term they have given me to deliver a worthy kind of public service to them, and I am and will deliver more for them,” Lobregat said. – Dexter Yap