‘Ukay’ vendors get 60-day ultimatum to vacate market PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 16 August 2016 11:38


The city government through the Office of the City Administrator has issued a 60-day ultimatum to 158 “ukay-ukay” (used clothing) vendors at the main public market to vacate the open space they are presently occupying illegally.

Assistant City Administrator on Economic Enterprise Marie Angelique “Apple” Go disclosed during the press briefing in City Hall yesterday that there are 158 stalls vending “ukay-ukay” in an open space outside the rows and buildings since last May, a violation of the market ordinance.

“Most of the new vendors were not included in the original list, and the City Treasurer’s Office has not been collecting any amount from the group,” Go said.

She added that those with business permits will be allowed to use Building G, once the ongoing clearing operations are completed.

Go cited Sec. 13 of Ordinance No. 2012-165, amending certain provisions of the Market Code, which provided cluster PM-014, 100 spaces for “ukay-ukay” with daily rental of P10 per space.

At least 123 vendors are currently occupying the 100 “ukay-ukay” spaces allowed by the ordinance, all of them were displaced by last year’s fire.

Of the number, 61 listed under Telly Asdain are located in Magay area, and 59 are members of the New Marine Multi-Purpose Cooperative headed by Pablo Marcos, Jr. and 3 others of Shirley Cruz along Magay Bridge.

As this developed, most of the market-going public have expressed elation over the visible improvements of the condition inside the waterfront market.

“There is now order in the main market, the stalls are arranged and there is enough easement for the public, a big uplift from the previous,” commented a carenderia owner of Upper Calarian said.

“Everything is doing well now in the main market, cleanliness has improved but needs more force,” another regular market customer said.— Vic Larato