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Friday, 19 August 2016 11:32

Madrasa Hadji Idlasan K. Ijiran  Al-Islamie’s soft opening in Sulu  The excitement was seen on their faces when they were provided with school supplies to be used in the class. Educating these youth with proper knowledge in Islamic perspective can be of help in promoting peace and development in Sulu communities.

To officially begin the first day of class in Madrasa, Timothy Ijiran, President of the IDB Graduates Association (IGA) – Team Philippines, cheerfully greeted the young students.

It was explained then that preparing the future generation, guiding them today with good deeds, religious knowledge and practices is necessary. It prevents them from wrong doings that usually leads to self-distractions. Furthermore, attendance was checked and the turnover of supplies was made to encourage them more. Along with Timothy Ijiran, was Apah Tuan Aminkadra Aras who will guide and teach the students within the coming days. He mentioned some rules and regulations regarding their class and the purpose of building the said Madrasa.

Late in the afternoon, they already began their regular class. The Madrasa has already its name, reserved under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  Its registration was still in process at the moment. It will be called the “Madrasa Hadji Idlasan K. Ijiran Al-Islamie.” Named after the late Hadji Idlasan Kuder Ijiran, Sr, the grandfather of Mr. Tim Ijiran, who is from this place and made a significant community development efforts not only in Silangkan but on a large sphere during his incumbency as Provincial head of  Bureau of  Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) - Sulu. There will be a formal launching of the Madrasa soon. Apart from the SEC Registration, the Madrasa will be registered also to the local religious organizations in Sulu.

The construction of this project aims to provide the youth not only spiritual but human development inspired by Islam as a system of  life they needed especially in the conflict affected and conflict prone areas. It will help some students to pull them back from whatever it is they are doing wrong and instead of wasting their  time, they’ll be given a chance to have Islamic knowledge. In addition, it is also design to produce good example of the future generation. The youth of today should be knowledgeable  in order to lead the next generation of Committed Muslims and Competent Professionals (CMCP).