PDEA-9 investigates extortion allegations PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 21 August 2016 15:07

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency-9 (PDEA-9) has vowed to look deeper into allegations that one of its agents had demanded money from the family of a drug suspect who was shot dead Thursday night by  the agency’s assistant regional director.

Abdulmuhmin Sumampil y Ramos, 36, married, of Sengal, Lamitan City sustained two bullet wounds in the body and was declared dead on arrival at the Zamboanga City Medical Center.

Sumampil’s father Manny on Friday told reporters that before his son was shot dead there had been a “negotiation” for PDEA to reverse the charges against him.

dxNO Basilan station manager Richard Falcatan quoted the elder Sumampil as saying some PDEA personnel had first asked P200,000 to facilitate the release of his son.

Manny showed text messages of the negotiation in which he said the PDEA personnel lowered the asking amount to P100,000.

He said he already sent Thursday the partial amount of P30,000 through money transfer, showing a receipt.

The PDEA regional office denied Manny’s allegation saying the slain suspect never worked as a “civilian Asset” of  the agency,

“If we did receive money, why would we allegedly kill Boboy Sumampil? It runs contrary to logic, because the family would certainly cry fou,” PDEA-9 said in a satement.

In view of the extortion allegations, the agency said it has conducted an investigation and arrived with the two conclusions: “1. Either there are unscrupuluous people who pretended to be PDEA personnel, and extorted money from the family; or 2. there is a corrupt agent in our office who secretly made a deal with the family. In this case, we urge the people who have personal knowledge of the issue to visit our office, together with PNP personnel, to pinpoint the person so that proper criminal cases will be filed by the PNP. The PDEA will take care of the administrative case.”

A report from the Sinunuc Police Station said that Sumampil allegedly attempted to stab PDEA Assistant Regional Director Levi Sotelo Ortiz using an umbrella nail and tried to grab the officer’s pistol inside the PDEA headquarters in Calarian.

Ortiz told police investigators he found no other option to defend himself but to shoot Sumampil twice in the body.

Further police investigation disclosed that Sumampil had been become unruly inside the detention cell of the PDEA headquarters which prompted other detainees to ask PDEA personnel to lock him in another detention cell to avoid violence.

However, while Sumampil was being transferred to another cell, he asked the PDEA personnel to talk to Ortiz as he wanted to reveal some identities of big time shabu pushers.

Sumampil was taken to Ortiz’s officer  where he pulled an umbrella nail and attacked the PDEA officer.

Ortiz tried to calm him down but he continued attacking and tried to grab the PDEA officer’s caliber 40 pistol.

Sensing his life was in danger and seeing Sumampil was uncontrollable,  Ortiz drew his gun and pumped two bullets into the suspect’s body.

Sumampil along with Nurhaida Saupi y Abdurahman were arrested during a PDEA buy-bust operation in Tetuan last August 13.

Police said Sumampil was an active member of the Abu Sayyaf’s urban terrorist group and a gun-for-hire gang.

PDEA agents recovered from their possession two large sachets of shabu, marked money, A .45 caliber pistol with eight bullets and silencer.

Sumampil had four warrants of arrest for murder. He was charged of killing two persons — one in Lamitan and a policeman in Manila, last year.

The PDEA statement further read: “We will never tolerate corruption in our ranks. We have arrested a lot of big time drug dealers in Region 9, and even neutralized the reported drug queen of Zamboanga City and managed to freeze her assets that amounted to millions of pesos. In fact, we have received several death threats from her camp, but we never backed down. In our end, we suspected that one of our agents in the filed case is involved in the extortion issue. we conducted an investigation, and circumstances would show that he may be guilty of extortion. We already requested that he will be investigated by our IAS for proper filing of cases. Rest assured, we will continue exercising our mandate within our areas of responsibility without fear or favor, and within the bounds of the law.”