Give Musa same rights as Arquiza — Celso PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 22 August 2016 14:08


Congressman Celso Lobregat has urged the City Council not to deny Councilor Ismael Musa’s administrative and legal rights as they have given to their colleague Teodyver Arquiza.

Lobregat agrees that Councilor Arquiza has all the rights to sit as a city councilor despite the fact that he has been issued a warrant of arrest, and had gone earlier into temporary hiding and consequently posted bail.

Arquiza is considered innocent until proven guilty and presently he is undergoing trial. And even if he is convicted, he still has the legal right to file for a Motion for Reconsideration and appeal to the higher court, Lobregat explained.

“And the decision will only become final when the highest court of the land makes its final decision.” Lobregat said.

Yet, the solon said that this same right has been denied to Councilor Musa.

While the decision on the removal of Musa has already been appealed to the NCIP Manila, and the decision has not yet been rendered, there is an orchestrated move to remove Musa from his present post in the city council, according to Lobregat.

Furthermore, Lobregat said that even if the NCIP en banc renders an unfavorable decision, it can still be appealed to the Court of Appeals.

Lobregat said that,”this orchestrated move to immediately remove Councilor Musa is a desperate move by desperate people who want to gain majority in the city council by assertion as this group did not achieve a clear majority in the elections.”

“Cosa ta hace el otro grupo, desperado sila, nuay sila el numero  poreso quita sila con Musa, pone con Hanapi, y tiene ya sila diyes (10) boto, para puede sila saca el mga committee na consejo,” Lobregat said.

“In the maiden session they called for unity, yet, their first move was to expel Councilor Charlie Mariano,” he lamented. “Not achieving this, they once again are trying desperately to remove and replace Councilor Musa as IP representative in the council. – Dexter Yap