Beng wants aggressive campaign vs smuggling PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 23 August 2016 13:46


Mayor Beng Climaco has called on the Bureau of Customs to step up and be aggressive in their campaign against smuggling.

During her Monday press briefing, August 22, Climaco lamented that the Bureau of Customs is not being aggressive in performing its primary mandate even as the local government, the security forces, and the barangays have been relentless in the fight against smuggling.

“Ta keda kita frustrated cay el deaton police, el barangay hasta el otro maga operativa, ta ase di ila trabajo. Ultimora ta ginda na Customs, ta kaba lang perde,” Climaco said, referring to the disappearance of the confiscated sacks of smuggled sugar back in 2015.

The chief executive also vehemently took to task the Bureau’s unavailability and refusal to process confiscated goods from anti-smuggling operations and interceptions after office hours.

“It is not acceptable – for a barangay official to call the police at the middle of the night, at two in the morning, at three in the morning, and when they call the Bureau of Customs, they will say ‘bukas na lang, sarado na ang opisina’,” she said.

Climaco said the local government unit, together with the barangays as front-liners, will continue the campaign against smuggling but urged that the Bureau of Customs, as the primary mandate to stop smuggling lies, needs to step up their efforts.

“My order for the local government unit and barangays [is] let us continue and fight against smuggling, but the Bureau of Customs must also have a very aggressive campaign,” she said.  — Jasmine Mohammadsali