City probes contracts of abandoned brgy halls PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 25 August 2016 11:59


At least 7 barangay hall projects contracted out to private firms have been abandoned and are now either undergoing investigation or about to be taken over by the City Government.     This, as Mayor Beng Climaco has tasked the City Legal Office to continuously investigate contracts of barangay halls abandoned by contractors for various reasons.

In a list provided by the City Engineer’s Office, a total of 7 barangay hall projects—all worth P25.1 million—underwent the scrutiny of the City Legal office.

These projects include the P1.5M Capisan barangay hall awarded to Benchmark Engineering and Construction on March 9, 2015; P4.25M Dita barangay hall awarded to Fatima Ask Construction and Enterprises on March 27, 2013; P4.53M 2-storey barangy hall in Quiniput awarded to OGF Construction and Supplies on December 23, 2015; P4.11M Campo Islam barangay hall awarded to OGF Construction and Supplies on February 25, 2015; P3.34M Pangapuyan barangay hall awarded to RRMEC Construction on January 15, 2013; P4.82M Lapakan Barangay hall awarded to Theta Construction on January 12, 2015 and the P2.70M Tumalutab barangay hall awarded to Warlene Construction on February 2, 2011.

The Capisan barangay hall has been taken over by the city and is already 100% complete; the Dita barangay hall, now 24.36% complete, is for takeover/ awaiting instructions from the City Legal office; the Quiniput barangay hall is 91.17% complete and contract with the CLO for contract termination; the Campo Islam barangay hall is 85.16% complete and is also with the CLO for contract termination; the Pangapuyan barangayhall is 98.04% complete and the contractor has  committed to complete the project soon; the Lapakan barangay hall is 84.96% complete and the contractor has restarted work for its full completion last August 22 while the Tumalutab barangay hall is 27.41% complete and the contract of which was submitted to the Bids and Awards Committee for rebidding.

Last Monday during her press briefing, Mayor Climaco said the City Government in 2014 has sanctioned a number of contractors who have abandoned projects awarded to them for varied reasons.

Assistant City Legal Officer Atty. Samuel Mariano corroborated the mayor’s statement saying that due process is being followed before the CLO decides on such matters.

On worst cases, the city can either forfeits the performance bond or blacklists the concerned contractor or contractors. “There are always remedies and assuming for the sake of argument that a project is abandoned, we [the city] can always run after the performance bond”, Mariano said.

He added that the bond will answer for whatever damages the city will suffer by reason of intentional abandonment on the part of the contractor and the same bond that the city will collect will be used to fund the completion of the project. — Sheila Covarrubias