Lobregat, DPWH turn over P21.5M building at Sta. Barbara school PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 26 August 2016 11:47


Congressman Celso Lobregat together with Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) officials led by Engr. Cholie Roble and the Department of Education (DEPED) officials represented by Dr. Rosalio Conturno facilitated the turnover of (3) Storey (15) classroom building in Sta. Barbara Central School yesterday morning.

The simple ceremony started with a program which was well attended by the stakeholders of Barangay Sta. Barbara. The barangay officials led by Chairman Abdulhamid Erin, the parents, faculty members and the students who were elated over the presence of the new infrastructure which will be given to them where to conduct their classes anew.

The new school building is worth PhP 21.5 million, funding of which came from the DepEd Special Education Fund. It was implemented by the DPWH District Office in coordination with the office of Congressman Celso Lobregat.

Congressman Lobregat stated that before the turnover of the new school building, Sta. Barbara Central School has a total of 22 classrooms which is being utilized by some 1,799 students. With its present status, the student-classroom ratio is 1:81 (1 classroom to 81 students). Because of the high student-classroom ratio, Sta. Barbara CS was operating on a two shifting basis.

With the newly constructed (3) storey (15)classroom building, the number of classrooms has increased to 37. With the present enrolment divided by the 37 classrooms, the new student-classroom ratio is 1:48. This ratio is still high but since there is an ongoing construction of another (3)storey (15)classroom building.

When completed before the end of the year, the number of classrooms in the said school will be 52. Dividing the 1799 students by 52 classrooms, the student-classroom ratio will go down to 34. This will already be below the normal acceptable student-classroom ratio of 1:40.

But Lobregat said that this is not the end of the story, because the student population of Sta. Barbara CS before the siege has reached to 3,700 students.

He asked what happened and where are the almost 1,900 former students of the Sta. Barbara CS who did not enrol in the sc hool.

The solon then asked the community, barangay officials, the parents and the teachers and other stakeholders of Sta. Barbara ho help in the campaign to bring back those those who have not yet return to school.

Lobregat continued, if enrolment of Sta. Barbara CS goes back to its original level of 3,700 students, even with the 52 classrooms the student-classroom ratio will again be as high as 71 students per classroom.

It will be recalled that when Congressman Lobregat was the guest of honor of “Brigada Escuela” in the said school last May 30, he urged DPWH District Engineer Cholie Roble to speed up the ongoing construction and turn-over of the school buildings for the students of Sta. Barbara.

“We should not prolong the agony of the victims of the September 2013 siege who were traumatized in their personal experiences as well as the devastation of their learning institution,” Lobregat said.

During the opening program of the Brigada, Lobregat also commented that the covered court that was undergoing construction by the city government during the siege has been abandoned and to date, no repair and rehabilitation was being conducted.

At that time Congressman Lobregat said that he will not promise but will do all he can to immediately have the covered court repaired.

He then wrote DPWH Secretary Rogelio Singson on June 6, 2016 asking the secretary to allocate funds for the repair and rehabilitation of the said covered court.

Based on the plans made by the DPWH District Engineers Office, the amount needed was 1 million pesos. And before Secretary Singson stepped down from office, the said amount was downloaded to DPWH-Zamboanga for the said purpose.

Roble also confirmed that the funds for the rehabilitation of the covered court and the state of Sta.Barbara CS are already there and the bidding will soon be conducted.

Lobregat also announced that the request by the principal and teachers of Sta. Barbara CS for a new open stage is already in the 2017 GAA.

“As what I have said before, I do not promise, but I will do everything that I can, hinde yo ta promete, pero espera ya lang y si posible hace y llega ya lang el proyekto,”Lobregat said. – Dexter Yap