Mystery shrouds death of pregnant woman PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 August 2016 14:17


Police were investigating the mysterious death of  a kagawad’s  eight-month pregnant wife who was initially reported to have shot herself inside their residence at Dulian proper, Barangay Dulian at dawn Sunday.

The fatality was identified as Angelie Rojas Sta. Maria, 32, live-in-partner of Jovito Tabuena III, barangay kagawad of Dulian.

Sta. Maria sustained a gunshot wound to the chest with the bullet exiting  at the back of the body.

In an interview, Tabuena said that around 2 a.m. the house of their neighbor identified as Angelita Francisco, some 200 meters away from thei home, was gutted down by fire.

Jovito said he and his uncle Leon Tabuena, Dulian barangay chairman, and other neighbors rushed to the burning house. He said he returned to their house and saw Sta. Maria sitting on their bed.

He said he talked to her and told her to sleep well but Jovito was terrified after he noticed his wife was already dead with a bullet wound to the chest.   Jovito screamed for help and relatives residing in the same village responded immediately.

Jovito’s statement was supported by Chairman Leon Tabuena and other relatives.

Moreover, Luisa Sta. Maria, mother of Angelie and Chairman Tabuena told DZT that last Saturday Angelie went to an OB gyne doctor for pre-natal check-up but she was informed that her baby was not breathing anymore.

Meanwhile, policemen recovered beside the dead woman a .45 caliber pistol 1911 model with one bullet in the magazine and an empty shell.

Jovito said that some of their neighbors heard a gunshot inside their house while he was at the fire scene.

Jovito and Angelie were placed under paraffin test to determine the veracity of the report of suicide.

Luisa and other relatives were willing to submit the body of Angelie for autopsy. – Dan Toribio