Beng extols soldiers PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 August 2016 14:18


Mayor Beng Climaco has highly praised the Armed Forces of the Philippines particularly the forces under the Western Mindanao Command (WESMINCOM) for their heroic actions, lifesaving efforts and dedicated service for the love of God, country and people.

In her keynote message during the program celebrating the 10th founding anniversary of Wesmincom at the WMC grandstand in Upper Calarian Sunday morning, Mayor Climaco said sacrificing their families, their personal comfort and even their lives to save others are heroic fetes that soldiers merit recognition and appreciation of the country.

She expressed admiration to the soldiers’ “never say no, never give up mentality” which she said truly manifests bravery.  “Ako po ay tunay na nagpapasalamat sa ating mga kasandaluhan sa inyong dedikasyon. We can see true bravery and heroism right at the Camp Navarro General Hospital when troops are injured when limbs are lost and they tell us they are willing to go back to the battlefront, that to me is true heroism,” the mayor declared.

Climaco, who is a lieutenant colonel in the Army reserve force, likewise thanked the wives and families of Wesmincom soldiers for their love and support that inspires and boosts the morale of the soldiers.

She also assured the soldiers that their leaders, particularly Wesmincom Chief LGen. Mayoralgo de la Cruz are behind them 100% and would never abandon them in times of need.

The city government, she said, as a show of gratitude and appreciation to the security sector, is also continuously extending its firm support to the security sector. In fact, she said, just like the police, the Task Force Zamboanga, the unit assigned to secure the city, will again receive new transportation facilities from the local government unit.

During the siege, the security was sufficiently augmented with military troops, she said.  “As mayor of zamboanga, I express thanks and gratitude to Wesmincom and to all branch of service- Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines, as well as Task Force Zamboanga and the PNP and thank you to President Rodrigo Duterte who instructed the authorities to intensify security in Zamboanga.”

Meanwhile, Mayor Climaco was one of the command’s honorees and awardees during the celebration citing her invaluable support to the goals and objectives of Wesmincom.

The 10th founding anniversary of Wesmincom was also graced by officials from the Philippine Navy, Philippine Air Force, TFZ, City Police Office and the officials and men and women of Wesmincom led by LGen. De la Cruz. — Sheila Covarrubias