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Wednesday, 31 August 2016 11:50


Congressman Celso L. Lobregat together with DepEd ARD Pedro Melchor Natividad and DPWH officials turned over on Sunday a P 5.9-million Multi-Purpose Building (Covered Court) to the Ayala NHS stakeholders led by Ayala NHS Principal Anna Bella O. Espinosa, GPTA President Mrs. Pilar Cabaral, Ayala Barangay Council represented by Kgwds. Alex Ortega and Dolly Ebol, Ayala NHS Faculty President Mr. Hassan Kaniya and students of Ayala NHS.

Also present in the turnover rites were Councilors Myra Paz V. Abubakar and Rudy Lim.

In his message, Congressman Lobregat recalled that it was last year, September 2, 2015, in the 49th Founding Anniversary that Principal Anna Bella O. Espinosa, Faculty and Alumni of Ayala NHS requested him to appropriate funds for the construction of a covered court. In response, the congressman instructed the DPWH-DEO to measure the site location but said that he will not promise but will what he can to have the project implemented.

“Today we have the blessing and turnover of the multi-purpose building (covered court) in time for 50th Founding Anniversary,” said Lobregat, adding that in whatever little way he was happy to be part of the development and expansion of Ayala NHS.

At present Ayala NHS has a total of 74 classrooms with a student population of 4,069 students. The classroom-student ratio is 1:55 which is quite high. But the situation would have been much worst where if not for the planning and direction of the City Government to decongest the overpopulated Ayala NHS.

During his administration as City Mayor, two High Schools, Recodo NHS and Tulungatung NHS were opened. This was done not only to decongest Ayala NHS but to bring Education closer to the students of Recodo and Tulungatung. For School Year 2016-2017, there are 1,028 students in Recodo NHS and 585 students in Tulungatung NHS. If these 2 new high schools were not opened, most of the students enrolled in these new schools would probably enrolled in Ayala NHS aggravating the overpopulation.

Lobregat also said that of the 74 existing classrooms, 32 classrooms consisting of two 2 storey 6 classroom buildings and a 2 storey 20 classroom building were built by the city government during his administration.

Can you imagine what the situation would be if the city government did not construct the school buildings,” he said.

The construction by the city government of the school buildings at Ayala NHS, were part of the massive School Building Program of the city government. The city government appropriated more than P1-billion for the construction of 136 school buildings with 977 classrooms and the repair of 198 school buildings with 904 classrooms during Lobregat’s administration.

ARD Pete Natividad, Ayala NHS School Principal Anna Bella O. Espinosa and Ayala NHS Faculty President Mr. Hassan Kinaya thanked Lobregat for all his initiatives.

Natividad also thanked the congressman for his representations made to former DepEd Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro for more school buildings for Ayala NHS. “The original plan of DepEd was for the construction of a 2 storey 6 classroom building. But considering the high classroom-student ratio and the limited space at Ayala NHS it was Congressman Lobregat that requested for bigger and high-rise buildings from the Department of Education” Natividad said.

The DPWH-DEO confirmed that 13 single storey classrooms will be demolished and in place, a 4 storey 20 classroom building and a 4 storey 24 classroom building will soon be constructed at Ayala NHS. After completion this will bring the total number of classrooms to 105. And dividing the present student population of 4,095 by 105 would bring the classroom-student population to 1:38.75 which is close to the normal acceptable classroom-student ratio of 1:40 Lobregat said.

Ending his message Lobregat challenged the faculty, alumni and GPTA of Ayala NHS to contribute to the enhancement of the covered court by purchasing a collapsible fiber glass basketball goals. He then personally donated an amount for the purpose and asked the stakeholders to follow suit. – Dexter Yap