City steps up anti-traffic drive, yields 30.58% increase in apprehensions PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 31 August 2016 11:56


The City Administrator’s Office reported a 30.58 increase in the volume of apprehensions on anti-traffic laws, as the city stepped up its drive against violators.

For the month of July, the City Ordinance Enforcement Unit under the Office of the City Administrator recorded a total of 590 apprehensions with an estimated/potential revenue of P66,000 as compared to the 452 apprehensions in the month of June with a potential revenue of P63,700.

The noted increase is attributed to the relentless campaign of the traffic enforcement unit to apprehend erring traffic violators in line with the city’s drive to discipline motorists which is one of the contributing factors to traffic congestion.

Apprehensions were based on violations on the implementation of ordinances 185, 248 and 240. Violations include the wearing of slippers while driving, back ride with no helmet, disregarding traffic light/sign, obstruction, turning left on no left turn zone, loading in prohibited areas, beating the red light, illegal parking, excessive noise, failure to use seatbelt and counterflow among others.

Meanwhile, confiscated goods from violators of City Ordinance 240 was estimated to have a street value of P133,050. The City Ordinance Enforcement Unit also conducted a joint operation with the Tricycle Adjudication Board on colorum tricycles plying the Lunzuran route last July wherein 9 tricycles were impounded due to various violations of Ordinance 185, the law regulating the operation of tricycles in the city.

In previous months, the apprehension record is as follows; April 187 and May 220. Apprehensions were based on violations of various city ordinances such as the wearing of slippers, back ride with no helmet, disregarding traffic light/sign, obstruction, illegal parking, excessive noise and numerous other traffic violations.

In April, there were 187 apprehensions and 220 in May. — Sheila Covarrubias