Zambo on red alert vs possible Abu attacks PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 02 September 2016 13:57


Zamboanga City has been placed on heightened alert status as a precaution against any possible diversionary tactics of the Abu Sayyaf who are under pressure from the ramped up  military operation in Sulu and Basilan as ordered by President Duterte.

Deputy City Director for Administration (DCDA) Police Supt. Jomari Albarico said that there is nothing to worry by the public regaridng the increase in the alert status of local law enforcers and the military as it is a standard procedure whenever military operations are intensified in nearby troubled provinces.

No less that President Duterte during his visit in Zamboanga City on Wednesday directed all military and police units in this part of the region to be on red alert at all times to deter possible diversionary moves  from the ISIS-affiliated group currently being pursued by government forces in Basilan and Sulu provinces.

Supt. Albarico is personally supervising the deployment of police personnel in their respective areas of responsibility  to ensure that police visibility and readiness to respond to any call of duty are in place.

Police intelligence assets have also been deployed in strategic areas to monitor possible presence of Abu Sayyaf sympathizers who might resort to any urban attacks.

“We are on high alert status since yesterday, but we enjoin the public not to panic but instead increase vigilance. We need their cooperation in this aspect,” Albarico said.

In an interview with RMN Zamboanga, Mayor Beng Climaco said she has also reminded the local police thru Supt. Albarico to ensure readiness in monitoring the peace and order condition in coordination with their military counterpart under Task Force Zamboanga.

Albarico said that he is in constant communication with their military counterpart to exchange intelligence reports and monitor the present situation.

The official said that they have maximized the deployment of police forces on the ground including those who on office works to create wider visibility in strategic areas.

As Deputy City Director and the most senior local Zamboangueño police officer, Albarico was tasked by Supt. Magnaye to strictly supervise the deployment of troopers  from all the (11) police stations of Zamboanga City. – Bhong Simbajon/RMN News