Anti-smoking edict set for 1st reading PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 06 August 2011 16:10

The first reading for the proposed ordinance banning smoking in the city and the putting-up of designated area where to smoke has been reset for the next regular  session.

Councilor Lilia Macrohon-Nuño, chairperson of the City Council’s  Committee on Health and Sanitation, is optimistic that the first reading will be push through in the next session.

Nuño said once the first reading is scheduled, the City Council will schedule the first public consultation where all stakeholders in the city will be invited. This will be followed by the second reading and second public consultation. Thereafter, it will be scheduled for the third and final reading.

Members of the Committee on Health and Sanitation are Councilors Myra V.  Abubakar, Percival Ramos and Ray Candido.
Supporting the proposed ordinance are Councilors  Benjamin “Nonong” Guingona, Rommel Agan, Gerky Valesco, Abdurahman Nuño and  Jawo Jemenez.

Nuño explained that as per  instruction of the World Health Organization, highly urbanized cities must have an ordinance banning smokers in public areas and designating some  areas for smokers as second or third hand smoke from persons  smoking cigarettes are dangerous to health.

Nuño said she has received several complaints that many public utility jeepney drivers and passengers smoke while the jeepneys are in motion.
She said that once her ordinance on smoking is passed by the City council, the Department of Health will help in the information dissimination throughout the city  and the whole region. — Allen Abastillas