Celso to Zambo folks: Stay calm but vigilant PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 05 September 2016 11:50


Congressman Celso Lobregat has appealed to Zamboangeños to stay calm but vigilant amid threats from the Abu Sayyaf as early as before the Davao City blast last Friday night which killed 14 and wounded 67 others.

Lobregat said there is nothing to worry with the full alert status of the military and police in the entire country after the declaration of state of lawlessness by President Rodrigo Duterte hours after the terror attack in his hometown.

He assured that the declaration of state of lawlessness will not curtail any human rights in the country, adding that it is being done for the military and the police to have greater access and visibility in public places.

Lobregat said that Duterte’s declaration of state of lawlessness is anchored on Article VII, Section 18 of the Philippine Constitution which reads: Section 18: The president shall be the Commander-in-Chief of all Armed Forces of the Philippines and whenever it becomes necessary, he may call out such armed forces to prevent or suppress lawless violence, invasion or rebellion.

There is no suspension of Habeas Corpus and it is not synonymous to Martial Law. It simply means, more soldiers and police operatives will now be deployed, government forces will set up more checkpoints, and impose if needed, curfew hours in certain areas.

“I urge the public to be calm, though we are vulnerable to the same attack, we leave it up to the authorities to protect our city with our vigilance in assisting them identify suspicious persons in our communities,” Lobregat said.

The solon said that it is not only Davao City that is a victim of terror attack, but also Zamboanga City that has suffered similar situations in the past.

“We also have our share of this kind of tragedy years ago. Let us pour our sympathies to the victims as we strongly condemn this barbaric act victimizing innocent civilians,” Lobregat said.

He urged barangay officials to extend their utmost cooperation to the local police and the military to prevent similar incident to occur here.  — Dexter Yap