Pregnant wife in alleged suicide case has no gun powder burn PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 05 September 2016 11:50


The mysterious death of a pregnant woman who was discovered dead with a bullet wound in the chest, in Dulian last week,  became more intriguing after she was found negative of gunpowder burns aftera paraffin test was conducted on her body.

A report from the Sangali Police Station showed that the paraffin test result from the 9th PNP Crime Laboratory yielded negative result on both Angelie Rojas Sta. Maria and her husband Kagawad Jovito Tabuena.

Angelie’s death was first suspected as suicide.

Despite the negative result, the relatives of Sta. Maria including her husband, Tabuena believed that it was a suicide.

On Sunday last week, Tabuena went out of their house to respond to  a fire incident in their neighborhood. When he returned home he found his wife, Sta. Maria, who was eight-month pregnant, sitting on their bed.

Tabuena said his wife was already dead with a bullet wound in the chest. A .45 caliber pistol was also found near Sta. Maria’s body.

After the incident, Tabuena underwent paraffin test to remove any doubt of foul play. The same procedure was on  Sta. Maria’s body. The negative result has prompted the police to dig deeper into the case.

A police official theorized that if it was indeed a suicide it was possible that Sta. Maria had held the pistol in a reverse position pointing to her chest in which the empty shell popped out to her left after the gun went off. Along with the empty shell was the gun powder which may have not reached her hand because of the gun’s reverse position. – Dan Toribio