4 workers trapped under concrete slab rescued PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 07 September 2016 11:27


Four construction workers have been rescued after a thick concrete slab caved in trapping them in a deep road digging along Lobregat Highway in Boalan Monday afternoon.

Edison Fajardo Jr., 28, married, of Lumbangan, Felix Rodriguez, 58, of Culianan, Jose Samson, 58,  of Lanzones and Edgar Dela Cruz, 48, of Culianan, all workers of the Amaro Construction Firm along with other laborers were working on a drainage project in the middle of the highway when the concrete block above them collapsed and covered them around 4:45 p.m.

Workers told DZT that they were inside the deep road digging where a huge culvert is to be laid to stop the perennial flooding in the area when thick concrete slab gave in covering them.

A rescue operation successfully pulled  Rodriguez, Samson and Dela Cruz out of the hole covered partly by the thick concrete slab. They sustained injuries in their body and were taken to the hospital.

The fourth worker, Fajardo,  was left inside the hole in the initial rescue operation because he was trapped by the concrete block covereing half of his body.

Rescuers from the CDRRM, RPSB9 and BFP continued their rescue operation until they managed to pull Fajardo out of the debris  around 8 p.m. One of Fajardo’s legs was broken. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

The drainage project started during the summer season during which a motorcyclist was killed after he crashed onto the road  barriers due reportedly due to lack of visible early warning device. – Dan Toribio