Cleanliness, traffic priorities of City Admin PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 07 September 2016 11:29


Cleanliness and traffic management will be among the priorities of the City Administrator’s Office.

Newly-appointed City Administrator Apple Go said the local chief executive has directed the office to implement all executive and administrative orders, with particular emphasis on cleanliness and traffic management.

“[Priorities are] cleanliness and of course, to improve on our traffic situation. There’s room for continuous improvement,” Go said on Monday, promising to intensify and strengthen the implementation of the City’s ordinances.

For the month of August, the Traffic Enforcement Unit registered a total of 540 traffic apprehensions, with a total estimated revenue of Php 64,200.00.

“Of the 540, the bulk came from obstruction of traffic followed by the turning left on no left turn zone, and the back rides without helmets,” Go reported.

On the other hand, the City Ordinance Enforcement Unit reported 524 apprehensions, majority of which come from violations of the sidewalk ordinance and traffic ordinance.

Meanwhile, Go stated that security for the City’s local enterprises have been beefed up to ensure its protection. The Integrated Bus Terminal (IBT) has been provided an additional 6 personnel and is augmented by the members of the Task Force Zamboanga. — Jasmine Mohammadsali