City Council’s faulty resolution questioned PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 13 February 2017 12:35

Congressman Celso Lobregatexpressed concern over the Resolution presented by Councilor Rudy Bayotwhich was subsequently approved by the City Council, allowing the establishment of a marker at the location where Erica Jane Rosal was found dead.

Resolution No.123, authored by Councilor Bayot and seconded by his partymates and eventually passed after getting the nod from fourteen members of the august body in last Tuesday’s session, earnestly request the City Mayor to allow the putting of a marker in Lunzuran that reads, “On the 9th day of January 2017, a girl was raped and murdered in this place.”

Congressman Lobregat said the terminologies used in the resolution such as, “raped and murdered in this place” is uncalled for because according to police reports, the victim was not murdered in that area but was only dumped there by unknown suspects in the middle of the night. Another is that the probe is still ongoing, awaiting autopsy report to determine whether victim was indeed raped or not.

The solon said Bayot should have considered the sensitivity of the emotions of the family of the victim who are still seeking justice until now for the brutal death of the 20-year old education student of ZSCMST.

Lobregat have also seen the inconsistencies in the dates of the actual event with what was stated in Councilor Bayot’s resolution which states, “On the 9th day of January 2017”,while the actual incident occurred last January 6.

“Mali-mali el resolution.Dale tamen era kitaumpoco de respeto con el familia del depuntokolehiyala,” Lobregat said.

Another worry of the solon is that since the location where the victim was found dead is the by-pass road where ongoing construction is taking place, the marker will also affect the project since it was constructed within the prescribed road network area.

“They should have sought permission first from the DPWH who is undertaking the by-pass road project before constructing the marker along the side of the road which is part of the project,” Lobregat said.

Lobregat added that a proper consultation with concerned agencies should have been than first before passing the resolution and approving the resolution. Dexter Yap