Three dead in highway mishap PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 February 2017 11:26

Three persons, including a woman, were killed in a fatal highway accident in Sinunuc last Monday.

The fatalities were identified as Tarhata Sabdani Tenorio, Hamierton Sakandal y Sabdani and Iskandal Sakandal y Sabdani, natives of Jolo, Sulu.

A police report disclosed that the accident happened when the victims were travelling on board their motorcycle along the highway bound for the city proper at around 3pm.

Upon reaching the area fronting the Zamboanga Square Garden, Tarhata, the driver, tried to overtake a pedicab but lost control of the steering bar.

This resulted to a collision between the motorcycle and the pedicab unit, where all three passengers were thrown on the ground.

At that instant, a speeding pick up truck suddenly appeared from the opposite direction and ran over the victims.

The driver of the pick up truck did not stop and instead, sped away from the scene towards the west coast.

The three victims were taken to the hospital but were declared dead on arrival.

Sinunuc Police Station Commander Chief Inspector Hingming Ladjaali directed his personnel to conduct a thorough investigation to identify and arrest the driver of the pick up vehicle.  (Dan Toribio)