Assign corrupt cops to Sibago Island PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 February 2017 11:28

The Coast Guard has suggested to the Philippine National Police hierarchy to assign corrupt policemen to Sibago Island in Basilan province, an area with reported incidents of piracy.

This was revealed by Mayor Beng Climaco- Salazar during her regular press briefing last Monday.

Salazar said that the recommendation was made by the Coast Guard during an informal briefing at the Edwin Andrews Airbase.

“According to the Coast Guard, it will mean a lot if police can be present,” said Salazar.

Sibago island has been the site of piracy incidents in the past.

Last January, crew members of the MV Royal 16, a Vietnamese vessel were abducted by armed men off Sibago Island.

Earlier that month, crew of the MV Ocean Kingdom, a container vessel, were harassed by armed men aboard two watercrafts off Sibago Island.

The attempted hijack however was aborted due to the timely arrival of authorities.

Salazar herself refuses to accept errant policemen within her jurisdiction in Zamboanga city, describing the errant cops as a “burden.”

She however said that it might be a good thing for the errant policemen to be assigned to Sibago Island, an area where they can prove themselves.

“ I also believe quien man pensa, God is a god of second chances.  They might be able to prove to themselves and reform and make us proud of the PNP,” Climaco said.  (E-media)