Jimenez: Other barangays victimized by City Hall fixers PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 17 February 2017 13:55


More barangays may have been victimized by City Hall-based fixers involved in preparing documents in exchange for bogus projects.

This was the firm belief of Councilor Cesar Jimenez Sr. who called on other barangay officials who may have used the fixers in preparing their documents to report such incidents.

“I firmly believe that there are other barangays who also cater to the service of these fixers at city hall.  They should come out in the open and reveal those persons for them to be put behind bars,” Jimenez said.

Jimenez suspects that most of the documents for barangay projects during the years 2013 to 2015 may have been prepared by these fixers, thus the call issued by the veteran councilor.

The use of fixers surfaced during the pre-trial hearing conducted by the Council Committee on Good Government on a complaint lodged against Tagasilay Barangay Chairperson Hanisa Francisco for Acts of Dishonesty and Grave Misconduct.

The complaint was filed by Tagasilay Barangay Kagawads.

The questionable transactions included payments for contractors for non-existent projects, alleged ghost employees, malversation of cheques payable and disbursed to the respondent herself, and the alleged rehabilitation of Tagasilay Health Center.

Committee on Infrastructure Chairman Jimmy Villaflores inspected the projects himself and found the latter to be nonexistent.

There were also notices of dis-allowances from the Commission on Audit certifying that the projects don’t exist, said Jimenez.

Francisco herself admitted her use of City Hall fixers to prepare the documents for the barangay projects.  (Bhong Simbajon)