City Legal to investigate Housing Division in survey issue PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 February 2017 11:26

by bhong simbajon

The City Legal Office is set to include the former head of the City Housing Division in line with its investigation of the multi-million peso survey controversy concerning government housing projects.

In an interview with RMN, City Legal Officer (ret) Judge Jesus Carbon said that their office is currently awaiting original copies of documents enabling Santuyo Land Surveying to collect the full payment of survey contracts with the city government.

The City Legal Office is already in possession of photocopied certification documents signed by the representative of the survey firm and former head of the City Housing Division, Rodrigo Pagotaisidro.

Carbon said that his office is currently in the process of retrieving the original documents from the COA to determine the culpability of persons who might be involved in the controversy.

“At present, we have not yet concretely established the participation of former Housing Division Chief Rodrigo Pagotaisidro in this matter, but we will invite him in due time if we are able to obtain certain documents which he reportedly signed and certified,” Carbon said.

Carbon issued his statement in relation to the discovery of another questionable transaction entered into by the City Housing Division with Santuyo Surveying Firm on another government housing program in Shantytown Barangay Luyahan.

It was found out that the survey firm already collected the ten percent mobilization fee amounting to more than a hundred thousand pesos to prepare the technical description and do monumenting work of the Shanty Town Subdivision, located in Sitio Luyahan, Barangay Pasonanca.

The said payment was reportedly certified by the Housing Division.

No surveying work was done in the area, making the transaction illegal, Carbon pointed out.  (Bhong Simbajon)