Suspended barangay chair arrested for grenade possession PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 24 February 2017 11:36

by dan toribio  jr.

A suspended barangay captain was arrested by police for alleged possession of an undocumented explosive in Licomo last Wednesday.

Police identified the barangay chairman as Eduardo Binosa Caloyloy, Chieftain of barangay Licomo.

Vitali Police Station Commander Chief Inspector Salvador Galvez said that Caloyloy was arrested after police found a fragmentation grenade attached to his vehicle in an inspection conducted last Wednesday.

Prior to the arrest, Caloyloy was at the house of a certain Rene Alejandro Samson, 50, having a drinking session.

While Caloyloy was inside the house, concerned citizens reported a suspicious object wrapped in plastic and attached to Caloyloy’s motorcycle parked in front of Samson’s house.

Policemen proceeded to the area to investigate.

Caloyloy was about to leave the residence when he saw police approaching to inspect his vehicle.

After a few minutes, police called the Bomb Squad to identify the suspicious object which was attached under the chassis near the carburetor.

Bomb squad personnel later confirmed the object being a fragmentation grenade.

Caloyloy was arrested and detained at the Vitali Police Station.  He was later brought to the City Prosecutors Office for an inquest proceeding to face charges for illegal possession of explosives.

The explosive was taken to the Bomb Squad Headquarters for disposition. (Dan Toribio)