Navy foils seajacking attempt PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 25 February 2017 12:14

The Philippine Navy foiled a seajacking attempt by suspected Abu Sayyaf members within the victinity of Pearl Bank in Sulu last Wednesday.

A Western Mindanao Command report said that navy ships responded to a distress call from the MV Dong Hae Star after the latter reported black speedboats pursuing them.

The MV Dong Hae Star, a Panamanian flag ship, was in the Sulu sea on its way from China to Indonesia when the crew spotted black speedboats pursuing the ship.

The ship sounded a distress call to the Littoral Monitoring Station in Bongao which prompted the latter to send Navy patrol ships to secure the vessel.

Sensing the arrival of the Navy patrol boats, the speedboats desisted from pursuing the Panamanian flag ship and maneuvered to open sea.

The Littoral Monitoring Station reportedly continued to monitor the vessel while transiting in Tawi Tawi, according to the report.

Rear Admiral Rene Medina, Naval Forces Western Mindanao Commander, deployed additional vessels to Joint Task Force Tawi Tawi and Sulu for Maritime interdiction and to support the law enforcement operations in the area, the report stated.   (Liza Jocson)