Alleged extortionist beaten up by soldier PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 09 August 2011 16:08

An alleged extortionist was beaten up by a marine soldier from whom he tried to extort money thinking that the latter was a mere civilian at the amusement center of Mindpro Citimall last Sunday morning.

The suspect was identified as Salip Sidimar Pulalon, 31, single, of San Jose Road, this city. He sustained injury in the left cheek.
A police report disclosed that three marine soldiers were playing computer games when Pulalon approached one of them and asked for money.

The marine soldier told the police that Pulalon was thinking he was just a young civilian. He said Pulalon was  arrogant.

The marine soldier told Pulalon that he had no coins to give him. Pulalon threw a punch at the marine soldier who managed to parry it. A fistfight broke out. The soldier used his  skill in combat judo and ruled the fight.

Pulalon ran out of the mall and reported the incident to the police but during investigation they learned that it was Pulalon who provoked the soldiers. — Dan Toribio Jr.