Beng co-authors bill vs child punishment PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 09 August 2011 16:09

The House of Representatives has approved on third and final reading House Bill 4455 or the Positive and Non-Violent Discipline of Children Act prohibiting parents, guardians, teachers and elders from subjecting a child to physical punishment and psychological threats.

Deputy Speaker Beng Climaco, an advocate for children’s rights was joined by legislators from different political parties in passing HB 4455, which advocates positive and non-violent means to discipline children, instead of physical punishment.

Under House Bill 4455, the proposed prohibited acts are: forcing the minor to kneel on stones, salt or pebbles; squatting; public humiliation; deliberate neglect of child’s physical needs; exposure to substances that can cause discomfort; and imposing tasks that the minor is incapable of doing such as forcing to skip sleep and verbal assaults.

Parents found guilty of severe corporal punishment on a child will be penalized under the provisions of Republic Act 7610 or anti-child abuse law. Persons entrusted with the child, particularly teachers, guardians, yayas and relatives, face maximum penalties provided for under existing laws. On the other hand, persons who intervene to save a child from further harm are exempt from any liability. — Marvin Segura