Badjao boatmen save two women from drowning PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 14 March 2017 14:19


Boatmen of the Badjao tribe saved two women from certain death after they were rescued off the coastline of Paseo del Mar last Sunday.

Nur-Aisa Akmad and Paksa Jumaali, residents of Sitio Buggok, barangay Zone 4, were brought to the hospital after Badjao boatmen came to their rescue and prevented them from drowning last Sunday afternoon.

Akmade and Jumaali were sightseeing in the area when Jumaali’s wrist watch fell into the sea.

Jumaali jumped into the water to retreive her wrist watch but reportedly kept on sinking in the murky waters.

Akmad jumped into the water to try and save her friend but she too, had difficulty in swimming.

At that point, bystanders decided to seek the assistance of boatmen who were on their boats and asking people for coins.

The boatmen quickly jumped into the water and were able to save the two women from drowning.

The victims were taken to the hospital onboard an ambulance after they were given first aid by paramedics.  (Dan Toribio)