New traffic scheme seen to delay shipments PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 14 March 2017 14:19

by Alinazar Hail- Lahid/


The new traffic scheme to be implemented by the Zamboanga local government is seen to cause delays in the transport of goods coming in and going out of the Zamboanga city seaport, according to a port officer.

Philippine Port Authority Harbour Master Arthur Noglas said that there is a big possibility that the goods coming in and going out of the port will be delayed due to congestion brought about by the new traffic scheme.

He explained that congestion may be caused by the change in routes of vehicles travelling within the vicinity of the seaport.

Danny Bernardo, cargo truck checker, said that there are approximately 200 cargo trucks who enter and exit the port gates every day.

These trucks are likely to be affected by traffic congestion, Bernardo said.

Noglas said that the city government should have coordinated and consulted with PPA officials before the implementation of the new traffic scheme so the latter can prepare plans in line with the new scheme to be implemented by the local government.  (Alinazar Lahid/ E-media)