Zambo Sur overtakes Zambo city in ZPRAA medal tally PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 22 March 2017 17:31


Zamboanga city has fallen at least two notches in ranking behind Zamboanga del Sur in the recently-held Zamboanga Peninsula Regional Athletic Association (ZPRAA) meet.

The fall in ranking was partly due to failure to provide full support and lack of a proper program in the development of athletes, according to a top education official.

Based on data provided by the Department of Education  Zamboanga Schools Division, Zamboanga ranked second in the secondary level and third in the elementary level of the four day competiton for this year.

The city has maintained its standing in first place until the year 2014, the year when Zamboanga siege victims occupied the Joaquin Enriquez Memorial Stadium.

“Baka tiene pa kita fuerza after 2013,” said Schools Division Superintendent Pedro Melchor Natividad.

After 2014, Zamboanga city started falling to second place to Zamboanga del Sur in the overall rankings.

While Zamboanga city was going down in the rankings, Zamboanga del Sur was slowly moving up and has now reached first place, the rank occupied by Zambaoanga city in the past.

Natividad attributed the rise of del Sur athletes to a well-planned program for sports spearheaded by the provincial government which focused on maintaining the Zamboanga Sports Academy.

The program focuses on training athletes and coaches year round in an environment that will ensure their victory over their competitors.

The program is now on its fifth year and the province is reportedly “reaping the fruits of their labor,” according to Natividad.

“Este Zamboanga esfuerzo del Dep-Ed lang, budget del local school board while alla, aside from Dep-Edm the provincial government is spending government money to support the sports program,” explained Natividad.

The budget for sports and education has reportedly increased to more than P12-million for this year.

“But what is that budget if you operate only on 15 days training?” ask Natividad.

He said that sports development among the youth is a competition of programs and not necessarily of money.

“If you have a well planned and well carried out program that is supported not just by one organisation, but as many, ya queda bueno el result,” Natividad said. (Liza Jocson)