Faith and fortitude key to captive's escape PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 27 March 2017 11:01

Faith and fortitude are the qualities possessed by a kidnap victim whose daring escape allowed him to be rescued by authorities in Basilan last Saturday.

Aurelio Agacac, the Captain of a tugboat hijacked by pirates in waters off Sibago Island, thanked God for his rescue during his presentation to the media last Saturday.

The 39-year old ship official said that he intends to visit the Basilica de Santo Niño in Cebu once he arrives in his hometown.

Agacac was able to survive gunfire from military choppers pursuing the group of bandits and a long walk in the forested areas of Mohammad Adjul municipality prior to being rescued by authorities.

When pirates announced their intention to get vessel officers, he volunteered himself and pleaded to abductors not to take the others.

He attempted to escape from his abductors by jumping from the pumpboat but was subdued by the pirates.

While they were on sea and headed towards the mainland, quick responding military choppers rained bullets on the pumpboat occupied by the abductors and Agacac.

Two pirates were hit.

One was left behind while pirates forced Agacac to carry the other one.

Agacac even took pity on his captor, took off his shirt and used it to tie the gun shot wound of the latter.

He walked with his abductors towards higher ground to the sound of gunfire from relentlessly pursuing troops.

All throughout his ordeal, Agacac never lost faith and presence of mind.

When he was left only with two guards, he took the chance to escape when the two fell asleep.

He ran towards the coastline, the area where he was spotted by members of a Civilian Volunteer Group mobilized by the Basilan Provincial Government.

There were no signs of the ordeal Agacac suffered while he was walking with Western Mindanao Command Chief Maj General Carlito Galvez prior to his presentation to the media.

He merely wanted to play a game of basketball to erase the thoughts of being held captive for nearly two days, while looking forward to attend graduation rites of two of his children this April.  (Liza Jocson)