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Tuesday, 28 March 2017 11:23

Two bidders for the Investment Management Contract of the Zamboanga Electric Cooperative (ZAMCELCO) decided not to submit their bids for the contract pending the resolution of issues about the management of the electric cooperative.

This happened during yesterday’s program for the “Opening of Bids” held at the Zamcelco office in Putik.

Zamcelco Board President Omar Sahi said that the two bidders, Meralco and Aboitiz company’s Davao Light, initially withdrew their participation as bidders for the IMC.

This prompted the Bids and Awards Committee to declare a “Failure of Bidding.”

A consultation among representatives of the National Electrification Administration (NEA,) Zamcelco officials, Meralco and Davao Light; and a private consultant however made the bidders reconsider their decision of withdrawing their bids for the contract.

Sahi said that the two companies were requested to submit the issues for clarification at least two weeks before the holy week.

“They will submit the issues in writing on a win-win situation that will be discussed by the  board (Zamcelco Board) for approval,” said Sahi during an interview.

Sahi did not divulge the issues the bidders wanted threshed out saying that these will be matters included in the letters to be submitted by the bidders.

“They just said that some terms in the TOR (Terms of Reference) are not suitable,” Sahi said.

Sources however said that one of the issues wanted threshed out by the bidders concerns who will occupy the position of General Manager which is presently held by Engineer Edgardo Ancheta.

Bidders also have questions on some items included in the electric cooperative’s financial statements, according to the source.

The incident yesterday happened after at least two postponements on the bidding for the IMC.

Bidding on at least two occasions was postponed to allow more time for the bidders to ask for and review pertinent documents and resolve important issues.

In a recent radio interview, Zamcelco General Manager Engr Edgardo Ancheta said that Zamcelco has already decided to purchase and pay for the loan of the 16-megawatt Generator Set.

The purchase of the Generator set is one of the issues raised by bidders in previous meetings.

Ancheta said that payment for the loan on the generator set will be taken from the share of Zamcelco during the duration of the IMC’s implementation.  (Liza Jocson)