Lobregat: Traffic scheme will not resolve congestion Print
Tuesday, 28 March 2017 11:25


The current traffic scheme being implemented may help but will not resolve the existing traffic congestion in Zamboanga city.

The statement was made by Congressman Celso Lobregat who thinks that it is vital for the city government to clear city streets from public and private parking areas.

“Now we realize that we really need a parking building.  It was already planned and it could hae helped the traffic problem in the city proper,” Lobregat said during an interview over RMN.

The construction of the multi-level parking building had been included as a flagship project during the Lobregat administration.

“Funds were made available for this purpose because we are already anticipating the worsening traffic problem in the city and we don’t have a parking building,” Lobregat said.

Instead of implementing the project however, Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco- Salazar constructed the local police headquarters in the area, citing security concerns.

Lobregat has expressed his strong disapproval to the construction of the police headquarters saying that a police station is only 250 meters away from City Hall.

“Actually you are adding traffic to the city proper because those who would like to go to the Central Police Station have to go to the back of city hall and find themselves a vacant space along the road to park because there is no parking area,” Lobregat said.

The solon said that it is very hard nowadays to find a lot to construct a parking building and if there is, the city will have to purchase the property at a high cost.

Lobregat said that if the issue about the proposed parking building concerns the quality of the foundation, City Hall should have conducted a soil test instead of outrightly shelving the project.

He cited the Mall of Asia in Metro Manila and the Cebu Reclamation Sites where multi-level structures were erected despite the reported low quality of the foundation.

If the city had pursued the parking building project, that could have more or less eased the traffic situation in the city and could have provided parking for all types of vehicles in the city proper and at the same time, generate income, said Lobregat. (Dexter Yap)