Five killed in vessel fire PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 29 March 2017 11:51


Five crew members of a cargo vessel were killed when their boat caught fire while docked at the Ben Go wharf in Baliwasan Seaside last Monday.

Four other crew members survived but sustained burn injuries from the floating inferno.

A police report said that the incident happened while the M/L Satellite was refilling at least 100 empty drums of gasoline from a Petron Macro Fuel Tanker.

Leonbardo Benson, the driver of the tanker, said that the gallons were in the process of being refilled when he saw flames followed by loud explosions coming from the vessel.

The four survivors managed to jump into the sea while five others were left behind on the burning boat.

Benson ran from the tanker which was itself burned during the conflagration.

An initial investigation conducted by police and the Bureau of Fire Protection showed that the explosions occurred after a crew member switched on a generator set inside the boat.

A few seconds later, flames were seen emanating from the equipment followed by loud explosions.

The boat slowly sank, bringing with it the bodies of five fatalities.  They were later fished out by Coast Guard personnel in search and retrieval operations.

A Mazda Sedan bearing license number XSZ 265 which was parked adjacent to the tanker sustained minor damage.

The injured crew members were identified as Ardi Jumdain, Asin Nur, Andung Sal and Alsid Sal, residents of Jolo, Sulu.

The fatalities were identified as Abidin Mansul, Munsamir Sadjael, Rasdy Imlan, Sidim Tingkahan and Haraji Muhammar Amsadila.  (Dan Toribio)