First Filipino to be deported is from Zambo pen PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 02 April 2017 14:46


Los Angeles, CA- The heightened enforcement of immigration laws by the Department of Homeland Defense has led to the deportment of the First Filipino undocumented immigrant in the United States.

Rey Galleon, a resident of Zamboanga del Norte and crew member of a cargo ship who jumped-ship seven years ago, was arrested last March 17 by agents of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement at his residence in San Bernardino, California.

Without reading his rights, Galleon was told by the agents to change his clothes as they were deporting him to the Philippines that same day.

While he was in the room changing, Galleon notified his wife and son about his predicament and told them to flee the house through the back door to avoid being arrested like him.

Mrs. Aquilina Soriano- Versoza, head of the Filipino Workers Center (FWC) based here confirmed that Galleon was taken into custody for being an illegal immigrant and deported to the Philippines.

His family opted to join him in Zamboanga two weeks later.  Galleon is said to be a resident of Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte.

After Galleon was able to gain entry into the United States, he started picking up odd jobs, sometimes working as a caregiver.

There is no information on how he met his wife, only that their two children were born in the US and are American citizens.

Versoza said that Galleon has no criminal record, neither do his wife and children.

His chances of coming back soon is bleak as he violated immigration laws that placed him on a ten-year travel ban to the United States.

His children though may petition him when they reach the age of 21.

Versoza said that Galleon had been given the chance to call a lawyer as there are legal remedies that could have been applied to save him from being deported.

According to figures released recently by the DMS, there are approximately 300,000 undocumented Filipino migrants living all over the United States.  (Bob Jaldon)