Ramos, City inspectorate team twit dad on ‘expose’ PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 12 August 2011 15:48

Councilor Percival Ramos and the City Hall inspectorate team yesterday sought to correct misimpressions caused by the supposed ‘expose’ made through a privilege speech by an opposition councilor concerning infrastructure projects undertaken by the administration.

Ramos said contrary to what oppositionist Councilor Cesar Jimenez wants to imply, the administration particularly Mayor Celso Lobregat has been aware of the supposed defects in some school buildings and has taken actions since then.

“What he presented, actually, was already history and was far from our expectations. Cosa ta ase when the mayor meets the engineers and other people concerned is more indepth and detailed”, Ramos, who was in charge of project monitoring when he was still the mayor’s executive assistant prior to his election in the City Council pointed out.

He said the majority in the City Council did not see the need for another investigation on the supposed defects considering that the mayor has already initiated the probe and has ordered the City Engineer’s Office to make the necessary recommendations, to which the contractor or contractors concerned have been directed to comply.

The mayor, according to Ramos, has also ordered the City Legal Office to investigate concerned personnel from the City Engineer’s Office, determine what led to the said defects in some school buildings and to submit recommendations following the probe.

As early as March 26, tan meeting ya el mayor con el maga engineers y ya ase ya necesario directiba aserca conese maga defecto. The process is ongoing and I even suggested during the meeting that the city government also expand its inspection to other buildings with similar designs as that of Putik and Lunzuran”, the councilor said.

On his own initiative, Ramos said, he also inspected the defects in the school buildings in District I (that were subjects of Jimenez’ privilege speech last Wednesday) many months ago and have reported the same to the authorities concerned for the necessary remedies or corrections to be made.

“Unlike him, I did not withhold the information but immediately requested the proper agencies to look into the problem and make the necessary corrections because we are concerned about the welfare and protection of the school children”,  Ramos lamented. “Councilor Jimenez took the pictures only last Monday and during last week’s session he mentioned about defects in some school buildings but withheld details as he will present it through a privilege speech (which he did August 10)”.

If Jimenez was really concerned of the welfare and protection of the school children and the teachers, he need not withhold the information and grandstand on it through a privilege speech, the alderman said. 

Mayor Lobregat is personally overseeing all these investigations and submission of reports and goes over the details exhaustively, Ramos said adding that most if not all meetings regarding projects even end up in the wee hours of the morning.

City Administrator Antonio Orendain Jr. said affirmed Ramos’ statements saying another investigation is not necessary considering that a probe is already being undertaken by agencies concerned.

On record, he said, City Hall has (inspection) teams looking into the problem—one is composed of Executive Assistant Amilpasa Bandaying and the Internal Audit and the other one composed of personnel from the Barangay Affairs division.

“Remember all projects, based on the new procurement act, undergo the bidding process, thus we cannot  choose as to which contractor to handle the projects”, Orendain said.

City Hall Executive Assistant Amilpasa Bandaying for his part said what the opposition councilor reported through Powerpoint presentation in his privilege speech “was not a ‘revelation’ or ‘expose’, as what the alderman thought it to be, because the mayor himself has been acting on it already”.

“We are aware of the problem and corrective measures are being done already. The contractor/ contractors concerned have been directed to do the repair as it is still within the warranty period”, Bandaying said. 

The engineers have also made the recommendations for repair of the defects and the contractor or contractors have not objected to this, he added. — Sheila Covarrubias