Mercedes school utilities disconnected due to P50,000 debt PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 05 April 2017 12:01


Utility companies disconnected electricity and water services at the Mercedes Central School due to a reported debt of more than P50,000.

Dr. Elizardo Perez, School Faculty and Staff President, said that the school owes P20,000 to the Mercedes Rural Water System and around P33,000 to the Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (ZAMCELCO.)

Water services was disconnected last Friday while Zamcelco personnel disconnected electricity services last Monday.

Perez said that the utilities were disconnected after the School Principal, identified as Dr. Estela Esperat, failed to settle their bills to the utlity companies.

Utility expenses are reportedly sourced from the school’s Monthly Office Operational Expenditures (MOOE,) amounting to more than P80,000 per month.  The fee is being disbursed by the school principal.

Perez said that he made several calls and sent text messages to the School Principal when the utilities were disconnected but failed to get a reply from the latter.

According to Perez, Esperat rarely reported to her office since the beginning of the year.

The failure of the principal to pay for utility expenses drew the ire of the General Parents- Teacher Association officials and other staff members.

Mrs. Jewel Eijansantos, GPTA President said that this is the first time that the incident occurred since the time that the school was established.

Esperat reportedly failed to attend a scheduled meeting between the GPTA and school officials yesterday.

School officials are investigating the failure of the school principal to settle the utiity bills.  (Dan Toribio)